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As an NHS or private sector healthcare worker, you could be owed a substantial tax refund from HM Revenue & Customs.

Healthcare workers are now entitled to claim substantial tax rebates if they wear a uniform, are a member of a professional body or trade union, or if they use their own car for work.

Our specialist team of healthcare worker tax rebate specialists is made up from a team of highly experienced accountants and tax experts, with many years’ experience obtaining tax rebates from HMRC. We are committed to helping YOU receive your FULL refund entitlement.

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*Actual refund received by Michael S, Pharmacist, September 2013.

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NHS and Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate

Our team of highly experienced accountants and tax experts is fully committed to ensuring YOU are awarded your FULL health worker tax claim entitlement, and we’ll help you claim right back to April 2009.


The vast majority of NHS staff are entitled to at least £150 in overpaid tax. You can now use our dedicated NHS Tax Refund Calculator to see exactly how much you could be entitled to.

About Us

TaxRebateCentre.co.uk is part of PTG tax services, a specialist tax and financial services company based in Leicestershire.

We help the thousands of NHS employees here in Britain who are unaware that they could be entitled to claim tax relief on their employment expenses.

Our simple, professional and secure tax rebate service makes getting your money back as easy as 1, 2, 3.

As it stands, if you haven’t claimed all of your overpaid tax back for the last 4 years, you'll need to claim this back manually using or risk losing this overpaid tax forever!

Our years of experience have enabled us to build the market-leading NHS and healthcare worker tax rebate claims business in Britain – by helping NHS workers just like you claim back ALL of your unclaimed expenses.

The team here at PTG HQ draw upon substantial experience with the tax rebate, payroll an financial services industries, and as a business we are authorised to negotiate tax rebates as an Official Agent of HM Revenue & Customs.

We’re fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998/2003, and are voluntarily audited by the Information Comissioner’s Office in respect of how we look after our clients’ data.

We’ll only ever ask for your bank details if you ask us to pay your refund into your account directly.